Medical Courses

It could be a member of your family. 
Would you be able to help.


We at 4D Training Services are here to make sure you have the knowledge to save that family members live in case of chocking or a heart attack.

You will have the opportunity to gain the skills needed If you choose to attend one of our classes.  

 What will you do?

When you’re that someone who has never had training and the only one available at the scene of a accident what are you going to do. Panic, run away or start taking care of the injured person. Will you be confident in taking care of your parents, spouse, or your child or a stranger?

Our instructors are all care givers that have performed CPR and First Aid many times in their careers as Paramedics and EMS personal.

 I Who Needs CPR and Frist Aid TRAINING?

  • Care givers in Nursing Homes
  • Care givers at daycare centers
  • Companies with more than 2 employees
  • Construction workers
  • Family Members